About Integrity

Integrity: Direct is an international fraud prevention, age and identity verification service that integrates a government-issued ID database check, algorithms and web-based signature capture. The service provides merchants and government agencies with Patriot Act compliance and compliance with age verification laws and guidelines.

Integrity eliminates costs associated with manual intervention, simplifies, automates and streamlines the verification process. Verification information is returned real-time through a cost-effective, web-based solution.

What are the key benefits of the Integrity service?

  • Fraud Deterrent - Deters friendly fraud. Avoid losing revenues from customers who are declined by a fraud scrub or deterred by cumbersome questionnaires.
  • Fast - Process takes under 5 seconds to complete from the time information is submitted.
  • Robust - US and UK coverage (152 nations total covering over 3.4 billion citizens).
  • Legal - Complies with US privacy directives and laws.
  • Open - Not subject to Medical Records Privacy Laws as no credit or medical data is used.
  • Fair - Online verification incorporates Explicit Consent of the consumer and transaction history remains confidential.
  • Universal - Ability to utilize existing government issued documents to verify age or identity. No need to create new identity cards or institute special procedures.
  • Compatible - Requires no new hardware and is OS agnostic.
  • Privacy - Only a match code is provided to the merchant so the consumer's privacy is protected at all times.
  • Insured - Integrity insures transactions against fines imposed on the merchant for underage sales.
  • Effective - Now that VISA explicitly prohibits merchants from verifying age by use of its credit card and consistent with credit card association rules, reliable real time verification through a check of government-issued ID databases offers confirmation of a consumer's age with high confidence.
  • PR Friendly - Merchants are able to show federal, state and local authorities, public interest groups and concerned parents that they are progressively preventing minors from accessing restricted products, advertising and marketing materials.

Integrity: OnDemand
Many merchants have customer lists that may not contain accurate information. Integrity OnDemand is a batch service whereby the information on those lists may be verified with highly accurate government-issued ID.

Integrity: OnSite
Advances in counterfeiting technology have made it increasingly difficult for the naked eye to distinguish legal issued documents from fake ones. However, nearly all government issued identification is encoded with data contained within a magnetic stripe and/or two dimensional barcode. Using an Integrity OnSite hand-held terminal, users can instantly read and validate this information thereby identifying documents that may be tampered with or fraudulently altered.

Integrity: OnSite is used in a variety of applications across many industries:

  • Financial Institutions will often utilize Integrity OnSite at multiple customer touch points including the teller window, new account desk or loan services. Its benefits extend beyond its ability to detect and mitigate possible identity fraud by performing documentary verification as defined in the USA PATRIOT Act (Section 326).
  • Government Agencies and Law Enforcement use Integrity OnSite to quickly detect potentially counterfeit or altered forms of identification, verify age, or provide access control to secure facilities.
  • Security Companies use Integrity OnSite any place a driver’s license is checked to verify identity prior to building access. Integrity records a time and date stamp of every visitor, verifies the identity of the individual and speeds the process. Integrity OnSite is relied upon by the nation’s largest security firms to protect facilities such as nuclear power plants, airports and office buildings.
  • Advertising Agencies. The Hospitality Industry and Event Marketers use Integrity OnSite and Integrity OnLine to collect consumer information and verify the age of those being served alcohol or tobacco. Integrity is unconditionally guaranteed to comply with all state and federal regulations governing the sale of age-restricted products online and on premises.

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